Hemp Blend Light Beanie

50% hemp fiber

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The Evan37 Hemp Blend Light Beanie is made with our custom-wound 50% Hemp + 45% Organic Cotton + 5% Spandex yarn that provides warmth with breathability, style with comfort, and durability with sustainability... which is exactly why we love this product so much. This is a skull-cap beanie and is designed to be worn just covering the top of your ears for maximum breathability and to be worn year-round, because we believe beanies aren't just for cold weather. Game on.


• Material: 50% Organic Hemp Fiber + 45% Organic Cotton + 5% Spandex
• Proprietary Material & Design
• Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Production
• Extremely Durable
• Impressively soft and comfortable (4-way stretch)

Making dreams come true, together:

5% of all profits on this product are donated to the Make a Wish Foundation to help keep making dreams come true for disabled kids in America. Together, we can make a difference.