We believe..

  • Alarm clocks should be illegal
  • Health is wealth
  • We create our own happiness
  • New places bring new perspectives
  • Plants heal
  • Working hard is a privilege
  • The glass is always half full
  • Always give more than you take
  • We were born to explore
  • The most colorful people wear black
  • 1 + 1 = 3

our avantage

We strategically partner with credible manufacturers that allow us to offer high-quality, tested & trusted life-enhancing products at very competitive prices.

  • High Quality Ingredients
  • 3rd-Party Lab Tested

our mission

We embody & empower freedom through alignment of the mind, body, and soul with nature. After all, we are nature.

the evan37 brand

You may still be wondering... “What does evan37 mean?”

I’ll tell you.

“evan” means “young warrior” in Hindu, the culture that shifted my perspective on the world and that sparked this deeper sense of purpose that drove me to launch the evan37 brand. It’s also my middle name. 37 (thirty-seven) is the angel number for “independence,” or “free-spirit.” It’s also my mother’s birthday, March 7th.

Young, Free-Spirited, Warrior.

It’s inside all of us, just set yourself free.

Health is wealth.

Adventure is experience.

& Experience is life.