Will Delta 8 make you high? | Here's how Delta 8 will make you feel

Will Delta-8 THC make you high? | Evan37

Will Delta 8 get you high?

One of the first questions asked by most who are new to the world of hemp-based Delta-8 is "Will Delta-8 THC get you high?"  

In short, kind of, you will get a slight buzz from consuming Delta-8 products. But not in the way you would expect and not in the same way as consuming anything in the standard THC realm. 

Most have stated that Delta 8's effects are similar to THC's Indica strains, just without the heavy psychoactive results. Thus giving individuals that slightly sedated relaxed feeling throughout their body while also facilitating the release of physical tensions caused by stress and leaving them more at ease. Studies have even suggested that the higher psycho-activity of Delta-8 over CBD or even Delta-9 causes it to have more of a sedative-like result in comparison. 

Delta 8 and Delta-9 are both described as having similar effects on their users. And while these two cannabinoids share a similar chemical structure, their molecular mass is one of the more significant differences. Delta-8 has a smaller molecular group, letting it attach itself to an individual's CB1 receptors much more efficiently, thus physically soothing the body and mind.  

With all the newfound knowledge being gathered as the cannabis and hemp industry grows. This means there are a lot of innovative products hitting the market for the consumption of Delta-8, such as: 

As it stands right now, there have not been any notable side effects to consuming this cannabinoid or any of the others in the cannabis and hemp family. However, when trying anything new, you should always consult with a medical physician before consumption.

So to answer the original question, does Delta 8 get you high? A little bit. It does have some psychoactive effects and if you're having trouble sleeping or unwinding from the day, Delta 8 could be a great tool to add to your evening regiment - especially if traditional weed makes you anxious or induces paranoia more than relaxation as the psychoactive effects are said to be about 50% of that of Delta-9 marijuana.

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