Which Form of Delta-8 is Best?

Delta-8 THC is becoming more popular these days due to its growing reputation as "weed, but lighter." It's better than its bigger brother Delta-9 THC because it produces most of the same effects while not having the drawbacks of increased anxiety and paranoia, especially in higher doses. In fact, Delta-8 does the opposite. It decreases anxiety and promotes relaxation.

This constituent of THC has created a buzz in the cannabis world, and it's becoming more widely available due to the 2018 Farm Bill that allows for its production. While its safety and legality are still being fully understood, more and more people are trying to find out more about procuring and consuming Delta-8.

It also shares a lot of commonalities with its more popular cousin, cannabidiol. That includes being available in various forms that can be consumed in different delivery methods. Here's a brief overview of what Delta-8 is and isn't. 

How is Delta-8 Different from CBD?

Delta-8 is a constituent of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It primarily exists as Delta-9 THC in the cannabis plant. When Delta-9 oxidizes, it becomes Delta-8, a double-bond isomer of Delta-9, sharing the same molecules but slightly rearranged. That rearrangement alone changes how Delta-8 interacts with the human endocannabinoid system.

Cannabidiol is not THC. It's another one of the 113 known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, accounting for 40% of the plant's extract. It has a different chemical composition. Thus it interacts with the endocannabinoid system differently from THC. It has been found to relieve anxiety, improve condition, alleviate pain, and even have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Both Delta-8 and CBD that you see sold on the market are mostly produced from hemp plants, in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Delta-8 Delivery Methods


Delta-8 gummies have become very popular thanks to their delicious flavor and ease of dosing. They're the most palatable way to take Delta-8, making it a lot easier for people to make it a part of their daily habits. After you eat Delta-8 gummies, they should reach peak blood levels within 2-4 hours. This is because it must travel through the digestive tract before reaching peak bioavailability

It's also gentler than most other delivery methods, making Delta-8 gummies a preferred method for daily use. Just like with CBD gummies, Delta-8 gummies come in various strengths and flavors from which you can choose.


Perhaps the most popular delivery method for Delta-8 is vaping due to the near-instantaneous speed of absorption. There are different vape devices available for use with Delta-8. These include vaping pens that take Delta-8 vape carts and vape carts with universal 510-threads for existing vape mods. There are also Delta-8 eliquids for conventional vape devices.

These Delta-8 vape carts and eliquids come in different strengths and flavors. They primarily contain Delta-8 and may or may not include other hemp compounds like other cannabinoids and terpenes. When vaporized and inhaled, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream immediately through the lungs. This means you will begin feeling the effects almost immediately.

It's the fastest-acting and most potent of all Delta-8 delivery methods, but it's also the most short-lived. When taken this way, it peaks in the body within several minutes and fades away within an hour. It's pretty good if you need something to help you sleep or relax right away.


Delta-8 flower is becoming a trend now due to its novelty and uniqueness. It's a CBD flower infused with Delta-8 concentrate, which can then be smoked. It lets you take in all of the hemp plant with extra Delta-8 at the same time, the combination of which makes for a great experience.

Hypothetically, the Delta-8 counteracts the potential adverse effects of the hemp, letting you experience all of the impacts of smoking hemp without the known downsides. Delta-8 flowers come in a wide range of strains and quantities, allowing you to choose what level of potency you want.


Delta-8 capsules are exactly what you think. They're capsules that contain Delta-8 as its main active ingredient. You just take some and swallow them with a cup of water, then wait for it to take effect. Bioavailability rates may differ from tinctures or gummies, but you will still feel the effects gradually throughout the day.

Capsules peak in an hour or so, depending on other factors such as whether they are taken with food. As a result, you will feel more subtle effects as they continue to dissolve in your stomach. This is great for people who use Delta-8 for its anxiety-reducing properties in their daily lives while still being active.


Similar to a CBD tincture, a Delta-8 tincture is an extract diluted in a base oil. It's meant to be taken sublingually, which means putting a few drops under the tongue. It takes around half an hour or so to take peak effect and last for a few hours.

It is a versatile method for using Delta-8 because you can also add it to your favorite beverage if you wish. There are various flavors and strengths to choose from, so you're sure to find one you like. 

Taking Multiple Forms of Delta-8 at Once

Many people choose to consume Delta-8 with multiple delivery methods. For example, you can take Delta-8 capsules, gummies, or tinctures to start your day, then vape some Delta-8 eliquid at night to make it easier to get some sleep. This allows you to get the correct dosing at the right time, whenever you feel the need.

Just take note that if you take multiple delivery methods at once, the effects may be more potent than desired. You may need to experiment to get the perfect timing down for the best experience.

Remember, though, that the psychoactive effects of delta 8 mean that taking two products around the same time will have a much more potent effect.

Taking Delta-8 with CBD

You can also take Delta-8 with CBD to have increased relaxation and further reduce your anxiety. Since they come from the same plant, they can synergize and work together harmoniously. This can be an excellent way to use cannabis products.

Studies of CBD show that it can have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects while also reducing anxiety and stress. You can experiment with the proportions of your dosage to see what works best for you.


As you've just seen, Delta-8 can come in many forms, providing an array of products that give consumers many choices. When you're shopping for Delta-8 products, think carefully about the delivery method that will suit your needs. Or you can just try them all and see which one works best for you.

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