Unusual CBD Products You May Want to Try

More and more kinds of CBD products are becoming available in the market. While we have the usual CBD oil, tinctures, gummies, and so on, we are now starting to see some rather unusual and unexpected ones due to the sheer demand for CBD products. Soon enough, there will be a CBD-infused product for every aspect of daily life.

Let’s look at a few of the more unusual ones out there.

CBD-Infused Food 

Food that has CBD infused in it has been around for a long time now, such as CBD gummies, but there are companies that are coming up with new ideas on how to do it. For instance, there are now foods like CBD potato chips and other crispy stuff.

You can now find CBD in tomatoes, candybars, and so on. There are now CBD protein bars for the fitness-conscious to eat as a pre- or post-workout snack. While they make no specific therapeutic claims, they do help with relaxation and pain relief due to CBD. And they’re delicious, so it’s not a chore at all to consume them.

When CBD-infused food is eaten, the food has to be digested in order for the CBD to be absorbed. That means it’s a much slower release and the CBD gets diluted by metabolism. The bioavailability of CBD in foods like chocolates and baked goods is between 6% and 20%, which means that only a small portion of the CBD in the food actually takes effect.

Also, the FDA has issued several warning letters related to these products, mainly pointing out that they make false claims and are not proven safe. They recently revised its Consumer Update about health concerns in CBD products, due to not having enough clinical human testing to support the claims in CBD products.

CBD Toothpaste

A company recently released their CBD toothpaste, claiming that it’s a better way to consume CBD than edibles because it bypasses digestion. Maybe you’re not into swallowing your toothpaste, but the inclusion of CBD in their toothpaste may encourage you to do so.

According to them, since it bypasses digestion, it also bypasses the liver and works faster than edibles or vapes as it gets absorbed through the oral mucosa inside the mouth. Also, they claim that the CBD can help with gum swelling, as well as eliminate infection-causing bacteria.

That means you don’t even have to swallow it for the CBD in the toothpaste to take effect. All you need to do is to brush your teeth with it, and it will work its magic on your gums and mouth, then the rest of your body. It’s like a sublingual application, but even more practical.

The company partnered with Impression Healthcare to put its CBD toothpaste through a clinical periodontitis treatment trial, and the results are pending.

CBD Mouthwash

After you brush your teeth with CBD toothpaste, you can then top it off by gargling some CBD mouthwash for a fresher breath and cleaner mouth free from plaque and gingivitis. Gargling it for 30 seconds can also have the CBD be absorbed through the oral mucosa, much like the CBD toothpaste.

According to the Journal of Cannabis Research, it has been reported that the CBD mouthwash was just as effective at killing plaque-causing oral bacteria as prescription mouthwash ingredients like chlorhexidine.

CBD Toothpicks

If you want to take your dental care even further, you can use CBD toothpicks after every meal. These CBD toothpicks have 10-25mg of CBD in them, which can make them a good alternative to sublingual droppers. They’re also a lot easier to carry around and can be used more easily. Just put one in your mouth, suck on it, and maybe pick your teeth with it as well.

While there are no studies specifically for this product, research has shown that sublingual delivery can double the bioavailability rate of CBD compared to oral ingestion. These CBD toothpicks are meant to work in roughly the same way, letting the CBD be absorbed through the tissues in the sublingual cavity (the salivary glands beneath the tongue).

The more saliva your produce, the faster these CBD toothpicks will work as the saliva acts as a medium for the CBD to get into your system without having to digest it.

CBD Beauty Products

CBD is now available in all kinds of beauty products, from premium brands to local drug store brands. It can help with reducing puffiness and wrinkles with a CBD anti-aging serum, or achieve softer skin with a CBD body lotion. You can also nourish your hair and scalp with a CBD shampoo, followed by a CBD detangler for silky smooth hair. 

CBD is available in all kinds of beauty products, everywhere from Sephora to your local drug store. Whether you hope to reduce wrinkles with a CBD-infused anti-aging serum or get softer skin with a CBD body lotion, the options are limitless.

You can even solve your hair problems by trying a nourishing CBD shampoo, and following up with an infused detangler. The claim is that you can get beautifying benefits from CBD through your daily regimen by allowing it to absorb through your skin and scalp.

However, it has not been found that CBD can indeed “moisturize” or nourish skin and hair. That’s what hemp seed oil has been found to do, as well as vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. What CBD does contribute to these products are likely its anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD Suppositories

Whether it’s period cramps or muscle soreness, CBD suppositories can bring relief. Vaginal and rectal delivery works because they bypass digestion, with the CBD being absorbed by the mucous membrane inside the vagina or anus.

This method is also great for individuals who are unable to swallow capsules or take CBD orally. It’s formulated to relieve pain and inflammation in those areas, so it’s good for anyone who has painful hemorrhoids, severe dysmenorrhea, or so on. These suppositories contain between 10 and 100 mg of CBD each.

There was a study published in 2018 that shows how THC concentration in blood plasma after rectal administration is almost 2.5 times higher compared to oral ingestion. While THC and CBD are not the same compounds, the study does suggest that the same rate of absorption can be true for CBD as well.

CBD Toilet Paper

Now this may start sounding ridiculous to most of you, but the company behind it does believe in what they’ve created. CBD toilet paper lets you “wipe away your worries with 5mg CBD per five-ply sheet. You can get a dose of up to 30mg with each trip to the bathroom for a number two, absorbed transdermally through your backside.

There is some anecdotal evidence of CBD helping with constipation and digestive problems due to how it helps relax the muscles in the digestive system. However, there are no studies that indicate if toilet paper infused with CBD can indeed transfer the cannabinoid into the skin with a wiping motion. It does seem possible in theory as CBD can help with pain and inflammation in damaged tissue, but doubts still remain regarding this delivery method.


While you may not see yourself using many of these CBD products, it’s good to know that companies are brimming with ideas. As CBD becomes more and more of a fixture in people’s lives, we’ll hopefully see CBD being fully accepted throughout the world as a safe and helpful way to improve health and well-being.

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