Topical or Oral? CBD for an athlete's pain relief

CBD oil comes in various forms that provide different benefits based on your needs. The most common way to use CBD is through a topical and oral application that works differently on the outside and inside of the body. Read on to know more how differently they work and what are the advantages of using each so you can choose what is right for you.

Topical CBD vs Oral CBD

If you have different needs that you are looking for a solution with CBD products, then you will need different types of CBD products such as topical and oral CBD.

Most CBD oils in the market are taken orally by placing several drops of CBD or the recommended serving size under the tongue. The product will show its effects within minutes of ingestion. When taken orally, CBD is allowed to reach the bloodstream and work through the whole system of the body. Although it is the most common way to take CBD not everyone likes the taste of it.

Topical CBD’s on the other hand is gaining popularity for their fast-acting relief because most topical CBD’s are formulated with analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients to aid the CBD component of the product. It is best used to treat surface skin issues and muscle aches or pain. Some who suffer from acne and eczema also look for topical CBD such as cream, lotions, and ointments which is backed by experts from the American Academy of Dermatology.

But topical CBD’s effectiveness varies in relation to its dosage and quality of the CBD product. Since topical CBD’s do not reach the bloodstream, topical CBD’s work for spot treating by massaging the product on the affected area.

The body and the skin have different endocannabinoid systems which consist of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and CB1 and CB2 receptors that regulate many functions in the body such as memory, pain sensation, appetite, reproduction, mood, and sleep. Because the body and the skin have two separate systems, the use of CBD products will depend on the issue you are trying to target.

Now that you know more about the difference of possible benefits of oral and topical CBD’s you might be wondering what to do with that CBD oil on your shelf.

Can Oral CBD oil be used Topically?

If you have CBD oil on hand then you might be wondering to save money and cabinet space, if you can use it both for oral ingestion and topically. A simple but funny way to answer this question is, if you happen to have a cream type product, you wouldn’t eat it right? The same goes for CBD oral oils. 

CBD oils that are specifically made for oral ingestion works by getting into the bloodstream and working through the body. These types of CBD products do not contain ingredients that will help them work through the skin and cover the whole area you are targeting. It would not work when used topically because it is not formulated for that specific use.

CBD products made for topical use such as salves, balms, and creams are formulated with suspension that is able to cover the skin and let the CBD component work through it. Topicals are generally more concentrated because it needs to cover the surface of the skin.

The best thing to know if your CBD product will work as you intend to is to check if it is formulated for oral or topical use. This way you can maximize the benefits you get from using CBD products.

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