The Right Way to Vape delta-8

The market for delta-8 THC is continuing to grow faster and faster due to the word spreading about the substance being a lighter and safer version of delta-9 THC, which is the main component of cannabis. With that popularity, various kinds of delta-8 products made for different delivery methods have been coming out, giving consumers a plethora of choices on how they wish to consume delta-8.

One of the more popular methods is through vaping delta-8. It delivers delta-8 directly to the lungs, which is then absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. That speed of virtually instantaneous absorption is what has made vaping delta-8 quite popular among a good portion of consumers. It hits hard and fast, and delta-8 vape products now come in great variety. That makes it too tempting to not to give it a try.

We bring you here a guide to figuring out the right way for you to vape delta-8.

What Happens with Vaping delta-8?

Vaping is quite unique compared to other delivery methods of delta-8 like edibles and tinctures due to its really quick absorption rate and high levels of bioavailability.

When a cannabinoid like delta-8 or CBD is inhaled, it gets absorbed into the body and starts working right away, and the effects are especially potent.

Bioavailability is how much of a substance that is taken into the body actually takes effect. Most of the time, only a portion of that substance gets used up.

But in the case of delta-8 that gets vaped, its bioavailability is one of the highest among all other delivery methods, along with smoking.

The difference between vaping and smoking is that the latter burns solid material into ash. Vaping heats up and vaporizes a liquid, making for less waste.

However, the vaping liquid does require more processing in order to make a viable product. But because of that, it can create a purer and more effective product.

Compared to CBD, which is not supposed to be psychoactive, delta-8 is indeed psychoactive and can bring about effects close to smoking regular cannabis.

However, the drawback with vaping delta-8 is that it wears off quickly as well compared to other delivery methods. But it does take longer than vaping CBD.

Vaping CBD peaks within a couple of minutes and wears off in an hour or so. Vaping delta-8 takes up to 30 minutes to peak and can linger for up to 4 hours, depending on the amount that is vaped by the user.

That does mean beginners shouldn’t go hard when vaping delta-8 for the first time. They should start with just one puff and build up over time. You should only vape delta-8 as much as needed. It’s not something you vape all day.

What You Should Look For in a delta-8 Vape Product

Upon knowing what goes into vaping delta-8, let’s look at what you should look for in a delta-8 vape product to ensure both effectiveness and safety.

1. Clean Ingredients

This is the most important thing to look for. Never vape anything that contains Vitamin E since that can damage the lungs. Go with vape products with only ingredients that are known to be safe to vape.

2. Desired Strength

The delta-8 vape products you find in stores come in various strengths. Choose one that suits your current level of tolerance and how much of the effect you wish to experience.

3. Preferred Chemical Composition

Some delta-8 vape products contain only pure delta-8 extract, while others are combined with terpenes and other cannabinoids. If you have prior experience with hemp or cannabis, use that as a basis of how you want your delta-8 vape.

Take note of the compounds that can synergize with delta-8, either to enhance or offset the high and other effects. For instance, you can have delta-8 combined with CBD to promote mood enhancement and greater anxiety relief.

4. Proof of Lab Testing

Whenever you buy delta-8 vape products, make sure they come from a company that sources their hemp that has been tested in a lab by a third party. That last part is important because you want to get unbiased information on the quality of delta-8 the company uses.

Different Ways to Vape delta-8

There’s more than one way to vape delta-8, making this delivery method a great way to get into delta-8. You get options to try out and choose which one is best for you.

1. Bottled Vape Oil

Bottled delta-8 vape oil, or eliquid, is best used with a refillable tank or cartridge. The eliquid is put in the tank, which is then absorbed by the wick within the coil, and the coil heats up and vaporizes the eliquid for inhalation when the vape device is switched on. Each mL of delta-8 eliquid provides approximately around 100 puffs, and most bottles contain 30mL of eliquid.

This method is preferred by users who have had their own vape devices before. All they have to do is to procure a tank that’s specially designed for delta-8 eliquid. The manufacturer should state what types of devices are best for using that product.

2. Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges, or carts, are quite popular as they don’t require setup or maintenance and they come prefilled with eliquid. In the case of delta-8 carts, they attach to a THC vape pen that outputs the right wattage for proper vaping of the delta-8 eliquid inside without burning it.

Delta-8 carts tend to come in 0.5 or 1mL sizes and are available in a wide range of strengths, compositions, and strains. You just have to make sure that both the cart and vape pen are compatible with each other. Most vape devices use a 510-thread connection.

They’re recommended for beginners, with one to three puffs considered to be the standard dose.

3. Disposable Devices

Disposable delta-8 vape devices are the most user-friendly option since they come already assembled, fully charged, and filled with delta-8 eliquid. Once you finish all the liquid, you can just dispose of the pen and get a new one. The battery is designed to last just long enough to vape all the liquid in the built-in non-refillable cartridge.

Just like with delta-8 carts, disposable delta-8 devices come in a variety of strengths, flavors, and strains. They’re also very portable, so you can just put it in your pocket and vape delta-8 on the go. Standard dose is one to three puffs, just like with carts.

4. Flower

Vaping or smoking delta-8 flower is perhaps the most unique of these methods. It’s a unique product as it’s basically a raw hemp bud that was dipped in delta-8 distillate or isolate. That means it’s not pure delta-8; you get all the chemical composition of the hemp bud that’s fortified with more delta-8.

If you’re not used to consuming regular hemp, then this may not be good for you. This is recommended only for experienced hemp users who know what they’re getting into. While smoking it is the most straightforward method of consumption, vaping it is becoming more popular these days.

To vape delta-8 flower, you need to get a special flower vaping device due to the nature of the product being solid. There are some quality flower vape pens out there that are perfect for vaping delta-8 flowers.

You insert the flower into the chamber, making sure to not go over the fill line. Overfilling the chamber will result in incomplete combustion, which will result in burnt hits.

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