The Benefits of Genuine Leather Products

Among all materials, genuine leather has always been timeless. It’s a material almost as old as human history, and it’s still being used to make clothes, bags, and other apparel. Genuine leather is ubiquitous to humanity, so much that we still hold a romantic attachment to it. There’s still love for the genuine leather jacket, more than any t-shirt or hoodie.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons that make genuine leather products are so great and why you should have your own.


Most may not believe it, but leather actually breathes. After all, it’s from the skin of an animal, so it naturally has the ability to let some air pass through. That means it helps regulate body heat when you wear a beautiful leather jacket, especially during cold weather when the insulating properties of leather work best. But it won’t cook you like a steak in the oven as it will still let some air in to keep you comfortable.


The durability of leather has been a constant for centuries throughout human history. Genuine leather can outlast cotton and all synthetic materials. Cotton can dry rot, and synthetic fibers can degrade over time. Meanwhile, when it’s well-maintained, genuine leather can withstand the elements up to 600% better than those other materials.

Water Resistance

While breathable, leather is also water resistant. After all, as mentioned before, it’s from the skin of an animal. If treated or waxed well, the leather is incredibly resistant against virtually all liquids. It wicks away the moisture, and you can wipe away the excess later on once you get away from rain or other wet conditions.

That’s the main reason why leather shoes are still the standard since it works very well in keeping your feet from getting wet while working outside or in kitchens, where the ground is usually wet. It can resist external damage quite well, and keep your feet nice and dry.

Extra Protection 

Leather boots are well known for their ability to keep toes protected from knives, needles, hammers, and other dangerous objects that may accidentally fall on one’s toes. Add a steel toe to that, and you have work boots that will keep your feet safe in dangerous workplaces.

Back in the day, leather was even made into armor, protecting warriors from sword slashes and club blows. When treated in a certain way, it becomes incredibly robust, letting it be able to withstand tremendous damage.

That’s why to this day, the best gloves worn by law enforcement are made from kevlar and leather. They remain supple to allow for articulation while still being strong enough to stop needles, knives, and other sharp objects from hurting an officer’s hands while searching and apprehending suspects.

Comfortable and Well-Fitting

Leather shoes are known to be able to mold to the shape of your foot as you wear them more. In contrast, shoes made of synthetic materials tend to feel hard against your feet and won’t change to accommodate the shape of your feet, making them potentially painful to wear.

If you wear such unyielding shoes long enough, they can actually make the joints of your toes quite painful and harder to walk on. You won’t get that with genuine leather shoes with an accommodating shape for your feet. Once you’ve broken them in, you’ll never want to let them go as they become the most comfortable shoes you can wear everyday.

Easy to Clean

Some people can be intimidated by leather as it does take some effort to maintain. However, it’s not that hard at all since leather is both a breathable and water-resistant material. It can be cleaned quite easily with a damp cloth, and it won’t take so much time to dry. Once it’s no longer damp, you can then apply leather conditioner to keep it smooth, supple, and shiny.

While it does require some maintenance, it’s not a hardship at all, and you’ll want to take care of your leather apparel as they’re the ones that are most likely to stand out the most. You’ll get into the habit soon enough without difficulty.

Timeless Style

Leather is not just a trend or a passing fancy. This material has been around for centuries throughout human history. It doesn’t just come in and go out of style. Genuine leather jackets have always been cool, leather shoes and boots have always been worn, and leather apparel has always been stylish regardless of seasons and eras.

When you get yourself a piece of leather clothing or apparel, it’s a fashion investment. It says you care about looking good, and you will indeed look good, no matter when or where.

Signature Smell

One thing that genuine leather has that other materials certainly don’t is that distinct leather smell. If you ever smell something from synthetic fabrics, that’s most likely harmful fumes from the manufacturing process. Also, when you wear synthetic clothing and apparel, they tend to give off odd smells over time, making them not as desirable the longer you own them.

You get no such thing with leather, which is a natural material that has been made throughout history. The way fans of leather find comfort and pleasure from the smell of genuine leather is the same sensation that avid readers get from the smell of books. That smell gets better over time as that leather apparel becomes more and more your own.


Since it’s a natural material, it’s biodegradable. Genuine leather that is discarded can rot and go back to nature, unlike plastics and other synthetic materials. That means it won’t pollute the environment, so you’re actually being eco-friendly whenever you wear genuine leather.


When you wear something made out of genuine leather, it stands out like nothing else. It’s a natural material that you don’t just wear, but also become a part of. Even if it’s just a simple leather wallet, you can’t help but care for it. Few comforts equal the softness and suppleness of a genuine leather chair. And nothing can ever compare to the aesthetics of a comfy leather jacket. Compared to other materials, leather holds its own kind of powerful magic.

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