Professional Athletes who use CBD

Because of its legal use and benefits and the increasing promotion by professional athletes, CBD products are now popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and professionals.

Those who are physically active and want to live a healthy lifestyle such as fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and retired athletes are also using CBD oil products as part of their routine and recovery regimen. A few studies revealed that CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits and it helps alleviate and manage chronic pain, encouraging alertness, through the reception of the ECS endocannabinoid system of the body. 

Here are some of the professional athletes who love using CBD products and some of them are even advertising CBD products on their personal social media pages.


Derrick Morgan is a professional linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, revealed that part of his training routine is using CBD products. He advocates the use of Cannabinoids as it helps athletes against injuries and with their training. Morgan has been advertising the use of Cannabinoids since he discovered their benefits for athletes.


Former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle, Eugene Monroe of the NFL, was one of the first professional players to publicly advocate the benefits of Cannabidiol. In 2016, Eugene Monroe retired because of the trauma and injuries associated with his entire career, particularly the concussion he got from the season of 2015. He believes that Cannabidiol products are a much better and safer alternative to painkillers such as opioids for athletes since Cannabidiol does not have side effects such as addiction. Monroe is part of the campaign for Cannabidiol research called the ‘When The Bright Lights Fade’ is advocating for the removal of cannabis from the list of prohibited substances that will benefit athletes who are suffering from injuries and opioid addiction.


Retired NFL rockstar Marvin Washington was not able to use CBD when he was still playing football but as a retired player, he constantly uses Cannabidiol oil and incorporates it into his usual routine. This helped him recover from all the injuries he suffered throughout his sports career. He strongly supports and advocates the use of CBD and he is part of a plaintiff group that challenges the 1970 Controlled Substance Act. He said that part of his daily routine is to rub CBD oil and cream to his aching body.


Yair “Pantera” Rodriguez is a UFC fighter that uses CBD oil to help him recover faster in between training. Being a Taekwondo black belt and mixed martial artist he has strenuous training and preparations for competitions. Rodriguez constantly shows his support for the use of Cannabidiol and raises awareness of its healing properties. Pantera firmly believes that Cannabidiol oil has been an integral part of his recovery after each training session and competition, and it also helps improve his sleep at night.

Each year, we see more and more athletes of all levels learning about the potential benefits of using CBD products and implementing them into their everyday life. If you're looking to get started with CBD, our entire line was formulated with the active-lifestyle people in mind. Check out our entire catalog HERE

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