Pain-Relief CBD Products for Athletes in 2022

The World Anti-Doping Agency and the US Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances in and out of competition for athletes at the beginning of 2018. The move to allow CBD products for athletes is due to the non-psychoactive effects of CBD compared to THC’s that may provide athletes a high when using products with THC compounds.

Athletes all over the world are gaining interest with the use of CBD products since its clearing from WADA and USADA. Professional athletes endure strenuous lifestyles because of their rigorous training and pressure from competing which will last up to their retirement. Most athletes who retire early experienced injuries that ended their careers early. 

Rob Gronkowski, a retired New England Patriots tight end, had a string of unfortunate injuries that severely impacted his body and caused him to undergo a string of surgeries. After just 9 seasons in the league he retired because of these injuries. As a retired athlete he knows the strain training and competitions can do to an athletes body and suffer even after retirement just like he experienced. Gronkowski's father recommended that he use a CBD topical cream for his toe injury that inspired him to partner with CBDMedic a CBD retailer to create CBD topical treatments.

Gronkowski said in an interview that he was amazed how the topical CBD worked very well to suppress the pain from his toe injury and wished that CBD products were allowed while he was still in the NFL because it would help with his pain management as well as other athletes.

While CBD products havead been allowed for athletes since 2018 the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) warns athletes to be cautious to only use products that contain pure CBD otherwise they might be penalized for having used products contaminated with the prohibited THC’s which will appear on drug test results.

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Although there is still very limited data on the effects of CBD there are initial studies that have proven that CBD does not cause any dependence or abuse. One study conducted by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that CBD can be useful for chronic pain management. 

Some more athletes who underwent surgery like Floyd Landis, a former professional cyclist, turned to CBD products for pain management and to be rehabilitated from their opioid-based painkiller addiction. Retired athletes and athletes in general rely on opioid-based painkillers on a regular basis because of the strain and injuries they get from their training and competitions that is why CBD products have been a great alternative and a multi-functional solution for different ailments of athletes.

Some researchers and users highlight the benefits of using CBD products such as reduced inflammation, relief from muscle spasms, and nausea. Since the legalization of CBD for athletes more and more people are trying out CBD products.

Joe Montana, Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback, said that the "Legalization is picking up steam on a global level and I feel like now is the time to spread information about the curing capabilities of this plant”.

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