Natural Remedy for Pain in Athletes

Many in the sports world are looking for natural pain remedy for athletes as they experience regular muscle distress, pain and even injuries. Most athletes use opioid painkillers to help them get through post-competition pain and injuries as well as surgeries.

The opioid epidemic continues to plague athletes and average Americans alike. In 2018, opioid overdose is the cause of death of an average of 130 Americans every single day, and the opioid problem is admittedly the problem of approximately 2 million people according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

Athletes are the particular group that’s been hit hard by opioid addiction. Opioid painkiller addiction has been the struggle of even the most famous and successful athletes such as former NFL quarterback Brett Favre and golf superstar Tiger Woods.

Painkillers are often prescribed by doctors for athletes for their pain relief and management and it results in higher risk levels of addiction. In 2015, the University of Michigan conducted a study that revealed that there is a greater risk for lifetime opioid use amongst those who played sports in highschool compared to non-athletes. A similar study of the American Journal of Public Health revealed that around 50% of students who play high-injury contact sports are likely to experience opioid abuse.

This close relationship of pain and injury with athletes is directly affecting their use of opioid based painkillers. But not only current athletes are suffering from this problem. Even retired athletes are prone to abusing opioid painkillers due to post-surgery traumas. In 2016, Calvin Johnson, retired NFL wide receiver, admitted in an interview with ESPN that physicians and team trainers let them access opioids “like candy”. A dismissed case against the NFL was also filed by 1,600 former players because of the reckless use and supply of painkillers to their athletes.

With the removal of CBD on the list of prohibited drugs of the World Anti-Doping Agency, many athletes see this as a natural alternative to opioid based painkillers. The CBD compounds are found naturally in the cannabis plant and offer a non-psychoactive effect. 

Because CBD is different from THC there is no potential for addiction or overdose which is good news for athletes who suffer from opioid addiction.

Some of the notable benefits of CBD is supporting the endocannabinoid system in the human body and its anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD products come in many forms, such as tinctures of different flavors, topical rubs, and even delicious gummies.


Now athletes can freely use CBD to help them with their sports performance and recovery during both training and competitions. Megan Rapinoe, women’s soccer legend, is an advocate of CBD for athletes.

She has been famous for her great leadership of the US Women’s National Team that allowed them to get gold in both the 2012 Olympics as well as the 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Rapinoe has been outspoken of her use of CBD and its advantages as a healthy and natural method to manage pain and assist with recovery.

The World’s Strongest Man in 2017, Eddie Hall, is also an advocate of CBD products and raise awareness of CBD use and its benefits.

While Cannabinoids or CBD products  are not as effective as opioids based painkillers for relieving high-intensity pain it can help with long-term pain management  amongst athletes.

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