Delta-8 Legality in Other Parts of the World

There’s still much to be done in order to fully legalize the much-maligned cannabis plant throughout the world. More and more countries now are lifting restrictions on cannabis products, while others still consider them morally abhorrent and maintain their prohibition.

Cannabis products like CBD and delta-8 with their myriad of health benefits and the growing scientific evidence proving them have done much to lift the stigma over cannabis as a drug no different than any other narcotic. However, it will still take some time before it’s just as welcome for consumption as alcohol, which is also a drug in its own right.

Let’s take a look at the legality of delta-8-THC and cannabis in general throughout the world. There are many twists and turns that you have to familiarize yourself with in order to make sense of whether delta-8 and cannabis is legal in a certain country.

Delta-8 is THC in a Different Form

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main constituent of cannabis, which is what gives it much of its psychoactive effects. Since delta-8 is pretty much THC in a different form, it can be said that delta-8 won’t be treated differently from regular cannabis. In the eyes of the law, if you carry a package of delta-8, it’s no different from carrying weed.

That’s why if you have to look at whether delta-8 is legal in a certain country, you should read up on the legal status of cannabis there. If it says it’s legal for medical consumption, you have to have a doctor’s prescription to go with your delta-8. If it says it’s legal for recreational use, then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem consuming it there.

However, the thing about cannabis legality in various countries is that even if the plant is considered legal, there tends to be conditions attached to that legality.

Where is delta-8 Legal?

Wherever cannabis is legal for recreational use, delta-8 should be legal there. For instance, aside from some states in the US, it’s fully legal in Canada. However, for many of those places, there are restrictions, commonly that of selling any cannabis products.

Many of those countries end up legalizing cannabis to deal with drug crime problems. That’s why they also impose restrictions on selling cannabis products, even though they’ve legalized their consumption. The most recent example of this is Mexico, which had recently legalized possession and consumption, but not sale of cannabis.

Cannabis is also legal now in Uruguay, but sale to foreigners is prohibited. Similarly, it’s legal in South Africa to cultivate and consume cannabis, but not sell it. Georgia did the same in a July 2018 Constitutional Court ruling, making cannabis legal for consumption and cultivation in the country, but not for sale.

In some countries like the Netherlands, you’re only allowed to consume it in some designated places (coffee shops). In other places, they’re considered decriminalized instead of legal. Decriminalized means they’re still technically illegal, but the legal system will not prosecute a person for possession of cannabis under a specified amount.

As you can see, the rulings can be quite confusing, so you’ll have to read up on the legal status of cannabis in your home country and wherever you may want to travel to before bringing your delta-8 products with you.

Obtaining delta-8 in Your Country

If cannabis is fully legal in your country, then you shouldn’t find it too hard to search up a domestic supplier online. If it’s legal for consumption, but not for sale, then you may find it difficult to look up a supplier within your country.

It may also not be that easy to get delta-8 products shipped to you from a different country since that has to go through your country’s customs. They may choose to hold onto it for a significant amount of time, confiscate it, or just make it really hard for you to get a hold of it.

A good way to find out whether you can procure delta-8 products is to ask sellers if they ship to your location. A big seller tends to have some information regarding selling their products to customers of that location. If they haven’t sold to anyone in your location, you’re likely out of luck. If they have indeed done so, they may have some information regarding how to do it.

Otherwise, if you live in a country where cannabis is illegal, then you may not want to risk it. You may use your discretion to get a hold of some delta-8, but we advise you to stay clear of it until things somehow change for you in your country.

If cannabis is legal for medical use in your country, then you may ask your doctor about delta-8 and whether you can be prescribed some. You may then legally procure some for your health. You then have to take that prescription wherever you go whenever you’re carrying delta-8 on your person just in case you are questioned by authorities.

Another good way to know if delta-8 is legal in your country is to find vape shops that sell delta-8 vape cartridges. If those places have never been raided, then there’s a good chance that it’s either legal or at least tolerated.


Matters of legality regarding delta-8 and other cannabis products remain confusing for many people. Cannabis and delta-8 remain controversial to this day, so it’s no surprise that many governments throughout the world are still apprehensive about legalizing the plant and its derivatives.

If you happen to live in a country where it’s fully legal, consider yourself fortunate. If you live in a country where it may be legal or decriminalized, but with conditions attached, then you may have to ask around on how to get a hold of some delta-8 without running afoul with the law.

So long as you live in a country where cannabis is fully legal, you may want to take a look at some delta-8 products right here for your health and enjoyment.

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