CBD and Sports Performance

Cannabidiol products are popular amongst athletes because of the number of pain-relief benefits it has which is very much needed by athletes who go through a tremendous amount of strenuous physical activities, and stress both physically and mentally. Nate Diaz, UFC Champion and Mixed Martial Arts Performer advocates the use of CBD, claiming that CBD “helps with the healing process and inflammation”. He was seen vaping CBD in a press conference after his fight with McGregor.


While journalists were stunned with Diaz vaping CBD, he gently explained that CBD is a key part of his training and encourages people to recognise the immense benefits of cannabidiol for athletes.


Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants, has plenty of beneficial effects for athletes. While it is mostly used for post-workout pain and discomfort relief because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it also shows promising effects that boost athletic performance.


Hemp plants are the main source of CBD but it does not contain more than 0.03% THC which is great for athletes who cannot be high or under psychoactive therapy during their sport. 

CBD oils, balms, salves, and other products have been popular not just for their physical benefits but also for their therapeutic value. CBD products have been marketed mainly for relief of physical pain, and even anxiety due to stress.


Boosted athletic performance


Athletes commonly use CBD products topically and orally to provide pain relief and muscle recovery after work out or after a sports game. Topical products such as CBD balms and salves are most popular because they are easy and convenient to use. Most topical CBD products come in small packaging that is perfect for carrying in sports bags for gym workouts and training. It is an easy and effective way to treat sore muscles and help the body recover faster.


Years ago in the athletic industry, the use of CBD was prohibited from all sports competitions. This is because there have not been studies that prove its psychoactive effects and other similarities with THC’s which are already banned from sports competition. But in 2018, CBD was finally allowed and was removed from the prohibited list because it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects amongst athletes. Most CBD products do not contain THC’s which are prohibited in sports competitions and do not produce psychoactive effects that may affect sports performance.


Although there aren’t enough studies for all these claims, CBD products are claimed by most of its users to help modulate inflammation and other physical pain and discomfort. This is very important in the premise of athletic or sports performance since athletes are prone to skeletal and muscle damages because of their strenuous physical activities. 


The regular experience of muscle inflammation and injuries which is common amongst athletes can lead to longer periods of recovery thus weakening their physical capabilities and making them inefficient in their sport. That is why it is helpful for athletes to use CBD products to prevent, soothe, and recover from this muscle inflammation, fatigue, and injuries so their bodies could function at their best.


Another CBD advocate and athlete, Eddie Hall believes in the ability of CBD to boost your physical well-being and recovery whether you are an athlete or not. He is a famous ambassador of CBD Asylum that produces different CBD products. He talks about the flexibility of CBD to make products such as supplements, oils and more.


Also, most professional athletes experience stress and performance anxiety, which may affect their athletic performance during training and competitions. This can be helped with the use of CBD products that are said to provide relief from stress and anxiety. High doses of CBD at around 300-600mg was said to help relieve performance anxiety in activities such as public speaking and sports events or competitions. 


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