Benefits of CBD for Professional Athletes

High-impact or action sports athletes suffer from physical exhaustion and injuries everytime they practice their profession. Down-hill biking, surfing, cycling, skiing, and skating, are just some of the thrilling sports that are fun to watch and play but results in sores, aches and even fatal injuries. The athletes suffer not just physical trauma, but also stress and anxiety.  All of which can benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD.

Cannabidiol is a naturally derived extract from hemp plants and offers great effective promise for treating inflammations, muscle soreness, and most body pain. Those in the professional field of action sports who could suffer injury one after another during training and competitions are susceptible and commonly faced with the need for pain medication and performance boosters.

CBD as a Treatment for Pain 

One of the popularized benefits of CBD is its provision of relief or alleviating aches. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body is targeted by CBD products and works to boost the production of the body’s natural CBD that helps eliminate free-radicals, reduce inflammation and restore balance. 

CBD can be a great natural alternative for pain relief as it does not have psychoactive effects unlike THC, which is a cousin of CBD, that is also used to treat pain but has been shown to affect or impair memory and gives a “high” to its users. These side effects of THC are unwanted for athletes. 

Ideal CBD Products for Athletes

CBD products for athletes come in a variety of forms, consumption, and application. Some are oils that can be orally consumed and are effectively absorbed in the bloodstream for quick effect. Oils are also ideal for stress, insomnia and pain relief. 

Another form of CBD products that are popular amongst athletes are topicals. It is applied directly to a painful or injured area and works directly by being absorbed in the skin.

CBD and Drug Testing

Pure CBD usually do not result into a positive THC drug test which is why it is most suitable for athletes. The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances in 2018 so athletes are good to use it. But before using any CBD product you must make sure that it is pure CBD otherwise there might be a certain amount of THC that may appear on the drug test.  Always buy from a reputable source with a certification of their CBD products. 

Key Takeaways for Athletes 

CBD products are a great alternative for action sports athletes and people who are constantly battling pain, inflammation and even mental health disorders with the supervision of your doctor. 

If you are an athlete, it is best to consult your doctor or physician on whether you can use CBD and if your products are reliable to be used especially if you will undergo a drug test. It may also interfere with other medications and cause side effects that may affect your athletic performance so everything should be tested out before fully committing to a new CBD product.

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